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Product meets user

We help products understand what users need. With Productific, product owners decide what to build next and users get the products they really want. See how it works:

Capture new ideas and feature requests

Your user community is the best source for ideas.


Your users know exactly what they need. Let them submit feature requests and ideas to improve your product. New ideas help your product grow.


Feature requests may fit your product strategy and extend your core product to new areas. You choose the best ideas to go into your product roadmap.


Publish the idea for user feedback. Collect feedback data to prioritize feature requests and decide what to build.

Example: see our own feedback page and read how feature requests work.

A SaaS tool to prioritize feature requests

Feature voting: prioritize feature requests on your roadmap and identify the most attractive ideas.


Capture feature requests and publish as product improvement ideas to all users and potential customers.


Run feature voting to identify feature requests with the best financial impact. Manage prioritized feature requests instead of ideas and focus on what will sell.


Top-ranked feature requests will support many customers. Grow your product by building what your customers really want.

Example: see our own feature voting page and read about what feature voting can do for you.

Publish roadmap and changelog

Let your customers know what's new and what's up next.


Turbo-charge adoption of new features. Engage users by letting them know what's new in the product. Show a list of improvements and enhancements to actively engage users. News can be show right in your product, via in-app widget, and on a separate changelog listing. Read more about changelogs in Productific.


Let your customers know what's up next - they will appreciate. Show a list of planned developments and features currently being built. Entries are based on ideas previously listed for feedback - you move ideas to the roadmap with just one click.

Example: see our own roadmap

Customer advisory board

Engage with your closest B2B customers in a private group.

User groups

Understanding how power users work with the product is key to improving the product. A user group is a platform to engage with power users, turning their feedback and experience into product improvements.

Restricted access

Customer advisory boards and influencer councils can be managed with private listings under restricted access, driving growth with a few hand-picked strategic customers. Confidential information remains in the group.

Capture leads for product ideas

Will users love it?

Landing Page for Leads

Will users love it? That's the crucial question to ask for many product improvement ideas. A landing page on Productific can determine if users love your idea - before actually building it.

A product listing on Productific can work like a landing page: it measures user interest and captures new leads. Productific displays ideas and measure how attractive these ideas are to users. The goal of such a listing is to collect votes and subscriptions to identify the most attractive ideas - and to know the users who find them attractive. With Productific you can test how attractive ideas are to users and grow a list of users who find them attractive. Once you build the idea into your product, these users turn into high-quality leads.


Integrated with the tools you need.



See notifications in Slack when new user feedback is created. View real time ranking info, trending ideas, votes and new requests.

Find out more about our Slack app

Google Analytics

Discover how users find and navigate your feedback page. Analyze traffic and measure campaigns.

Sign in with ...

Connect to users via social login: Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Or bring your own users via SSO with your product's backend system.

Browser Push Notifications

Send product news to visitors of your feedback page with a built-in browser push notification engine. This drives visitors back to the feedback page and increases user engagement - without the cost of integrating an external push engine like Pushcrew, PushEngage or

Find out more about our push notification engine


Extract user email data to integrate with your newsletters and email campaigns. See user emails right in place to align on feature requests and notify users about features they subscribed to.

Bulk email

Use SendGrid to inform to all your feedback users, subscribers or users interested in a certain feature.


Choose the perfect package for your product.

Save 20% on annual plans.

for start-ups and indie makers

  • 100 feature listings
  • Custom branding
  • 1 owner


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for full business use

  • Unlimited feature listings
  • Branding, tags & integrations
  • 1 delegate


for product teams

  • Unlimited listings
  • Branding, tags & integrations
  • Team support


for testing & hobby work

  • 20 feature listings
  • Productific branding
  • Core features


For Start-Ups and Product Managers

Productific helps spending less time on busy work so you have more time growing your product.


Product Teams

Product teams deal with a multitude of topics and stakeholders. They align product strategy, marketing, and customer stakeholders. The various roles and structures of product teams require to always feel the pulse of what customers really want - where staying focused can be a strain.

Productific for product teams helps aligning customer needs between multiple product areas and team menbers. With Productific, product teams can take informed roadmap decisions based on user voting.



Product Managers

As a product manager you need to not only decide what to build next, but also run inbound/outbound product management and align stakeholders within your organization: marketing, development, sales and documentation.

Productific for product managers helps deciding what to build next by making informed decisions based on user voting. Productific also automates repetitive activities for inbound and outbound communication.



Start-Ups and Indie Makers

As a small company or indie maker running a side project you need to run all business on your own. Your day only has 24 hours, all work needs to fit in for a small team or even a one person endevour.

Productific for start-ups automates your customer feedback so you can spend more time building stuff and growing your product. It receives incoming feature requests, runs voting and identifies the most attractive ideas for your product.



App Developers

App development is fun. And it sucks because it's a highly competitive market where only the best mobile apps succeed and prosper. Building what users really want is essential for success.

Productific for mobile apps gives you feature voting and user feedback for low-touch low-attention markets where users are only one click away from churn. It identifies the most attractive enhancements to your app so you know what's popular with your users.



Game Production

Your users (players) know exactly how the games feels, what's good about it and where the painpoints are - they know best what to improve. Listening to your active users is an easy way to find out about improvements that make your game more attractive, more sticky with players.

Productific for game developers gives you easy to handle feature voting and user feedback - because in the gaming industry highly engaged players are the most valuable asset.

Read more about user feedback for games...


Blog & Podcast Publishing

Publishing a blog or a podcast is all about meeting your audience's desires. You need to know what's popular with your audience and what will be popular in the future in order to hit the content sweet spot.

Productific for blogs and podcasts gives you idea collection and voting to identify the most attractive content for publishing.

Read more about user feedback for podcasts...

Grow your Product

To grow a product you collect feedback from existing users, find out about improvements and pain points. Your users know best what they need. With Productific you can choose the most attractive features for your roadmap, strengthen and grow your core product.

Why Productific?

Every product manager deals with this issue

Working as a software product owner I found the task of prioritizing a list of feature requests for best product-market-fit being a repetitive exercise in each release cycle. Productific automates this process and provides a SaaS solution for product roadmap management. It runs the following jobs for product managers:

  • Submit feature requests
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Prioritize feature requests via feature voting
  • Publish roadmap and change log (what's new and what's next)


See who uses Productific to collect customer feedback.

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