Data Privacy Policy

Productific is a service to publish product information and collect feedback from users. We share your data according to the intention of our service:

  • We pass product information to visitors of our website.
  • We pass feedback information to the owners of a product.

We do not share or sell your data beyond this. You can request your data to be deleted. Your data is stored on servers based in the US.

GDPR Statement

We collect the following data

Information you provide

Account: When creating and maintaining your account we ask for your name and email address. You can also provide a picture.

Content: When creating and maintaining product and idea listings we ask for product names, descriptive texts, status info, pictures and a product website.

Feedback: When providing feedback we ask for email address and feedback descriptions, e.g. comments or an expression of preference like 'voting'.

Information we collect

Account: We store the date of your last login.

Cookies and tracking: To store login information we use cookies. To measure usage information we anonymous collect usage data which is not linked to your login, email address or ID.

We use the following data

Account: We send account updates and verification checks to the email address you provided, e.g. for password reset.

Feedback: We use your feedback and provide it to the owner of a product. Anonymous feedback (e.g. voting without login) is provided to the owner of a product in an aggregated manner, e.g. as an overall vote count per idea. Feedback with ID is provided to the owner of a product together with your email, e.g. when you 'subscribe' to an idea we provide your email, date and the request for subscription to the product owner.

Personal data shared with 3rd parties

Account: Name and email address provided in your account is shared with users.

Feedback: Name and email address provided in feedback with ID is shared with the owner of the respective product listing.

Data deletion request

Feedback: To review and remove your feedback data please log in on the product feedback page. Alternatively, you can type the following URL into your browser's address line: where PRODUCT represents the product you provided the feedback for. The easiest way to find this URL is Google.

Product owner account: You can request your account and all realted data to be deleted in your account settings. After a grace period of three weeks we will physically delete your data. This deletion CANNOT BE REVERSED.


We use cookies to store your login data such that we remember your login.

Data storage

Data is stored on servers based in the US.


Productific is committed to protecting your data. We deploy various security measures and technologies to protect your information from unauthorized access designed to provide a level of security appropriate to the risk of processing your personal data. However, the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely secure. We use industry standard technologies like TLS and SSL to transport your data. Data storage is encrypted. We will never ask you for your password in support interactions or unsolicited contact. Please do not disclose your password to third parties. In case you believe your account has been compromised please get in touch with us. Please use safe passwords.