For Product Teams
Use Case

Product teams deal with a multitude of internal and external stakeholders. Team members not only manage core product ownership like roadmap definition, feature enhancements, and design improvements. The product team also aligns an extended set of stakeholders contributing to product revenue and growth. Enterprise environments require managing this extended set of stakeholders.

Core product ownership

  • Definition of product strategy & roadmap - considering user input 
    Users can actually contribute to a product's strategy because they know exactly what they need in the product. Let them submit new feature requests to improve your product. New ideas help your product grow and keep your customers happy.

  • Feature requests and feature voting
    Let your users submit new ideas as feature requests. This is a chance to improve the product. Publish feature requests for feedback from users and partners. Prioritize and decide what to build next based on user feedback data, put the most attractive ideas on your roadmap.

  • Execution of product strategy - backlog ranking 
    Top-ranked feature requests will support many customers. Grow your product by building what your customers really want - don't just build what your loudest customers ask for.

  • Product design
    Design, the process of creating things in a way they can best be used, is a core task of product teams. While visual design is usually covered by specialized visual designers, the actual product usage design is of upmost importance to product teams. Product design strives to minimize usage friction, reduce click mileage, maximizes business benefit and strives for user happiness. 

  • User research

    Understanding what users do, how they work, and what their real issues are is key to building a successful product.

Extended responsibilities

The extended set of responsibilities which is often covered by product teams includes:

  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Customer success
  • Operations
  • Usage analytics
  • Marketing inbound & outbound

With the many tasks, activities, and stakeholders covered in a product team internal alignment can be a nightmare. Often, there are competing centers of interest within the product team: feature A competes with feature B for investment. Decisions have to be taken by the head of product (chief product owner). 

Productific is a SaaS tool to automate roadmap feedback, user voting, and feature request management for product teams. Additionally, it supports outbound marketing communication.

Using Productific will automate user feedback and reduce time spent for internal team alignment. With Productific, ranking between competing topics is an informed data based decision. Getting started with Productific is easy, teams can collect roadmap feedback in 5 minutes.

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