For Start-Ups, Indie Makers and Solopreneurs
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Productific helps indie makers spend less time doing busy work so they can spend more time building things.

As a start-up you're on your own, need to run everything yourself. Development, marketing, product management, inbound/outbound communication, sales, writing and customer success all need to be taken care off. While these activities are value adding they may not be your center of gravity. Automation wins, any automated activity will help you focus to be more productive. As an indie developer you, usually, want to focus your creativity on building stuff and business development. 

Being a one-person-shop your customer engagements are limited by a 24-hour day. There is only a certain amount of time you can spend with your customers. These are your lighthouse customers. Though, there are many customers besides your lighthouse customers. Knowing all customers and their feedback is of upmost importance. Likewise, communicating news is important. Staying in touch with all customers drives growth for your business, whether you're a start-up, indie developer or running a side project.

Productific is a SaaS tool to automate the following tasks for you:

  • Capture new ideas
    Your users know exactly what they need in their daily work. Let them submit new ideas and request new features to improve your product. New ideas help your product grow and keep your customers happy.
  • Feature voting
    Publish feature requests for feedback and identify the most attractive ideas. Decide what to build next based on user feedback data.
  • Backlog ranking
    New ideas are prioritized according to feedback. The top ranked feature requests will support many customers. Grow your product by building what your customers really want - don't just build what your loudest customers ask for.
    Feature ranking by feedback to decide what to build next
  • Roadmap
    Let your customers know what's up next by publishing a product roadmap. Show a list of planned developments and features currently being built. 
  • Changelog 
    Let your customers know about new features by publishing a product changelog. Show a list of improvements and enhancements recently shipped. 

While your enterprise competitors will have dedicated departments running these activities, you [the lean start-up] need to manage your product roadmap in one place. Using Productific will reduce your time spent on manual repetitive customer work. Getting started with Productific is easy, you can collect roadmap feedback in 5 minutes.

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Productific helps indie makers spend less time doing busy work so they can spend more time building things.

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