Know what to build next

Productific is a SaaS roadmap feedback tool. We help you finding out what users really want - with feature voting and product roadmap voting.

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Are you uncertain what to build next for your product?

Find out what really matters to your users and build things they love.

Collect Ideas

Let your users request new features and submit ideas. They know exactly what they need, they can give you the best ideas.

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Feature Voting

Collect feedback before you build new features. Identify the most attractive features and build only what your users really want.

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Use data to decide what to build

Know what will sell in three simple steps - spend less time doing busy work so you can spend more time growing your product.

User feedback data
Identify popular features


Publish your new idea. Distribute via email campaign, post on Facebook or Twitter, just spread the word. Your customers and users will understand how that idea is of value to them.


Use data to decide on the idea. The most attractive ideas receive the most user votes. Analyze and be mindful with the data - it's your customers' voice.


Invest in the best ideas. Decide what to build based on the feedback data. Your users tell you what they want so you can take wise investment decisions: build what your customers really want.

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About Productific

Mission, testimonials and press coverage

1.000+ Products on Productific
1M+ User Feedback
A lot Customer Happiness

Productific is a self-funded, independent offering. We don't strive for publicity and hyper growth. Instead, we focus on supporting a small, yet engaged user base of product managers and start-up owners. Our users appreciate the benefits of a lean, stable and down-to-earth tool. There are a variety of high-fidelity market offerings for product management tools and suites. At Productific, we focus on one task: to help product owners decide what to build next - by providing a nimble experience, better than large tool suites do.

The Product Manager

The Product Manager lists Productific as one of the best free product roadmap tools.


Product School

Product School suggests Productific as a tool for prioritizing in their recommended list of best product management tools for every need.


LinkedIn series: software for Product Managers in 2019

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia (CEO of Product School) lists Productific as software for Product Managers in 2019.


PM Toolkit

Diego Eis (creator of PM Toolkit) includes Productific in his curated list of tools for product managers.


Olivine Marketing / The Founder’s Marketing Playbook

Olivine Marketing (The Founder’s Marketing Playbook) recommends Productific as a roadmap software to connect with users.


Agile Insider

Agile Insider suggest Productific as a tool for prioritizing in their Curated List of Tools and Software for Startup Product Managers in 2019.


"Improved the value of our product offering"

Productific allows us to easily get user feedback so we can better prioritize our development pipeline and marketing efforts. In just a few weeks, we were able to build new leads and get a better idea of what customers want. Based on that information, we've realigned some of our team's efforts and improved the value of our product offering.

Gaucho Plugins

"More ad revenue by optimizing upon user feedback"

By understanding what players look for in the game I can make the top-players visit the game more often. Optimizing the game was easy once I had a feedback loop on what players want.

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