A free Suggested.co alternative (formerly Makerkit.co)
Roadmap Tools

This article compares Productific to Suggested.co as a roadmap voting tool for app developers and indie makers (Suggested.co was formerly known as Makerkit.co).

Pricing: Productific is cheaper and provides better value
Suggested.co is priced at 45$ per month. Productific provides a free tier which comfortably hosts mobile apps and small products. The start-up plan at 11$ per month (9$ on annual billing) has everything you need when running a small product or mobile app, including customized design.

Free trial days: less time pressure 
Suggested.co comes with a free trial period of 15 days. Productific's free trial of 7 days is shorter, while the Free plan makes it easy to comfortably get to know the product and provides great flexibility before even engaging into billing.  

Roadmap, Changelog, and How-to
Productific provides views for idea voting, roadmap, changelog and how-to documents. Each listing uses a design adjusted to the purpose of the listing. For example, documents do not carry a voting button. Suggested.co uses a Jira-style item backlog where all items look similar and carry a status field to distinguish their lifecycle. 

Rich content
Productific hosts rich text idea, document and product listings. You can work with headlines, lists, colors and embedded images to present your product and ideas in a beautiful way. How-to documents are unique to Productific and cannot be hosted on Suggested.co - we found that users looking for how-to descriptions are much more likely to provide valuable voting feedback. Productific is optimized for search engine discoverability. 


Suggested.co is a SaaS tool for collecting customer feedback. It's popular on Product Hunt and provides solid service to many product listings. Nevertheless, we believe Productific is the better deal for most indie makers and app developers.