A free Upvoty alternative
Roadmap Tools

The following snippet describes how Productific compares to Upvoty as a roadmap tool for app developers and indie makers.

Features: feedback boards and roadmap display

Upvoty provides feedback boards and roadmap displays. Items listed can be classified by status open, review, planned, progress, live. Users can comment and discuss on listed items. Of course, users can upvote their favourites. Invites are available and users can subscribe to items. Multiple boards can be created, e.g. "Feature requests" and "Bug reports". Feedback with ID (social logins, SSO) is possible, also anonymous feedback.

Productific provides feature voting, roadmap display incl. voting, changelog and also documents. It's made for low-friction user feedback and optimized for search engine discoverability (can contribute to your SEO strategy).

Pricing: for a comparable use in mobile apps Productific has a more attractive pricing

Upvoty starts at 15$/month for up to 150 tracked users, Upvoty-branded. While this is sufficient for testing it's barely enough for apps/products that reached a minimum level of popularity. Only the "Unlimited" plan at 99$ per month provides white label functions. With respect to pricing for mobile apps and popular products, Productific's "Free" plan roughly compares to Upvoty's "Power" plan: zero vs. 15$/month


Productific provides custom branding in all paid plans so your commercial product listing can use appropriate design and branding.

More than voting and roadmap 

Besides roadmap listings, Productific provides documents. These document listings, e.g. how-to docs, can be a great traffic source for your product. We found that users looking for how-to descriptions are much more likely to provide valuable voting feedback.


Upvoty is an established SaaS tool for feature voting and roadmap posting. It comes with good visual design and excellent named user handling. Due to its focus on mobile apps and SEO-bility we believe Productific is the better deal for most indie makers and app developers.