A free Nolt.io alternative
Roadmap Tools

The following list describes how Productific beats Nolt.io as a roadmap tool for small companies, app makers and solopreneurs.

Pricing: Productific is cheaper and provides better value
Nolt.io is priced at $25 per month per board. Productific provides a free tier and the Start-Up plan at $11 per month. 

Productific's Start-Up plan at $11 per month provides unmatched value for everything you need when running a small product or mobile app, including customized design ($9 with annual billing).

The Free plan provides great flexibility for testing and exploration, it also comfortably hosts mobile apps and micro-products. You will value this flexibility when running on a tight budget.

Productific provides more look and feel customizing options to make your product listing fall in line with your product's design and branding. 

Custom domain 
Productific can run on a custom domain, this can be a subdomain of your main website.

Roadmap, Changelog, and How-to
Besides feature voting Productific provides listings for roadmap, changelog and how-to documents. These listings can be a great traffic source for your product. We found that users looking for how-to descriptions are much more likely to provide valuable voting feedback.

Rich content
Productific hosts rich text idea and product listings. You can work with headlines, lists, colors and embedded images to present your product and ideas in a beautiful way.

side-by-side comparison

Productific comes with flexible pricing. A typical product feedback board is served by the Start-Up plan at $11/month (or $9 with annual billing). Priced at $25/month. One price, flat per product, no flexibility. 
free plan is available for exploration and flexibility. 
Free plan is not available.
Branding can be customized to match your product's branding.Great look and feel with adjustable colors, though visuals will always relate to Nolt.io. 
Content with text, images, headlines, styling and even custom html. 

Markdown content.


Nolt.io is a SaaS tool for gathering customer feedback. It's obviously got a solid background and provides good service - though we believe Productific is the better deal for most solopreneurs and app makers due to its flexibility in pricing and features.