Tips for getting the most out of your product feedback listing

Product and feature descriptions
Add descriptions to your product listing and to each idea listed for feature voting. We found this increases user engagement. Your product description will also serve as a marketing-sales support. Use the content published in roadmap and changelog to provide info for users and prospects.

Check your vanity URL
For brand identity and visibility make sure to mention the correct product name or additional key words like "MyProduct_photo_app" in the URL.

Publish your product listing on relevant channels. Put it to your email signature, Facebook page or website so users can engage and vote. 

Add a link to your website
Make it easy for users to find the feedback board. Best practice is to link it from your main website footer or navigation, next to the links for about, contact and feedback. 

Add a link to email communication
Add a link to the product feedback page in email signatures for: support emails, marketing, sales and transactional emails.  

Add a link to socials
Users often engage via socials. Add a feedback link to your product's about page on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Spread the word
Announce your feedback page via social posts, blog posts once in a while to keep your customers attention. Announce the feedback page to new users in transactional welcome emails.

User engagement is best with multiple feature voting entries
List four or more ideas for feature voting. This increases user engagement. Users will find their favourite idea and vote for it. The more ideas to vote for, the better. Empty listings tend to receive little feedback whereas listings with many options available have a better chance of sparking interest with users.

Roadmap preview
Add a roadmap listing so users know what's next. We found that seeing what's next for a product increases user retention. Once their favourite feature is added to the product these users tend to be promoters of your product/app. 

Be polite, responsive & engage for the long run
When receiving new feature requests or comments engage with the sender and build a relationship. Acklowledge all contributions, ask for details if unclear, listen to your users and build long lasting relationships.  

How-to docs
Add how-to docs for your users. Frequently asked questions are a traffic driver and easy to answer here. Users looking for FAQs are ready to engage for feedback, a good source for new ideas and feature voting.  

Encouraging users to subscribe to news ("Notify me") can build an audience of early adopters, key users and prospects.

Are you just about to launch a new add-on for your product? A product feedback page will complement to your pre-launch acitivites.

Backlink to your website or app store listing (nofollow)
Use the product listing to add backlings to your website or app store listings. This can increase user traffic for your app or product. ASO/SEO is not the main purpose of Productific, all outgoing links are "nofollow".