Improved plans & pricing

We adjusted our plans to better match the various types of product. This includes a better fit for owners running multiple small products and also a better fit for large-scale feedback listings.

New: per-product plans
From today on, all plans can be booked per product. That means you can list multiple products for free and choose a plan for each product, individually. 

New: 20% off with annual billing 
Annual billing is now available at a 20% discount. 

Free plan 
Everyone can now list up to three products on the Free plan. This helps spinning up new product ideas and testing market feedback. To reduce misuse for backlink-spamming, all outgoing links are now rel="nofollow". Owners must verify their email to list a product.

Improved tiers 
We moved from 3 pricing tiers to 4 tiers. Plan Free remains available to everyone. Plans Start-Up, Growth and Business can now better match the various sizes and volumes of product listings. Also, organisations managing multiple products will see better flexibility in the new plans. 

New tier limits will be applied after a grace period. 

  • Plan Free is for testing, hobby and community work.
  • Plan Start-Up is ideal for launching on a budget and for solopreneurs.
  • Plan Growth is ideal for optimizing and growing a product based on user feedback data.
  • Plan Business works best for organizations and teams.

  • Check out the details on our pricing page. In case you need a custom plan please get in touch with us. Likewise, non-profits are highly welcome to message.

    Existing purchases  
    Active subscriptions continue to bill at the old price, new pricing applies to newly purchased upgrades only. When a product listing exceeds the newly introduced tiers, an increased custom limit is applied. Nothing is taken away from existing subscriptions. Active Business subscriptions are automatically converted and upgraded to the new Business plans w/o additional billing.